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Salivary Gland Surgery

What are salivary glands?

The purpose of saliva is to moisten the mouth, protect the teeth against bacteria and aid in the digestive process. Saliva is produced by 3 main salivary glands which include the parotid, submandibular and sublingual glands. There are also several minor salivary glands present in the mouth, lips and cheeks.

The parotid glands are the largest salivary glands and are found on either side of the face just in front of the ears. These glands produce saliva that is secreted through the ducts into the mouth.

The submandibular glands are located a little below the mandible or jaw bone. Its secretions enter the oral cavity through the floor of the mouth.

The sublingual glands on either side of the tongue are the smallest of the three glands. These glands empty the secretions through the floor of the mouth as well.

What are the common problems of the salivary gland?

Common salivary gland problems that require surgery include: